Sunday, September 13, 2009

Movin on Up

Well Dan is all settled in his new apartment, and no longer gets the luxury of staying in a hotel and not having to do any domestic duties. He now lives in a three bedroom two and two half bathroom apartment with other Americans in the building. It is "furnished" but needs a lot of work. There are no decorations whatsoever and at first no cups or bowls which is way weird to me. I guess they didn't think that we would need anything that would hold liquid other than a pot. He has shopped and found somethings but I have had a very good time shopping for new "Africa" stuff. After two weeks in his apartment he now has a maid. He pays her $14.00 a week to clean, cook, and do laundry two days a week the other days she works for other people in the building. She has cooked for him some but he says mine is much better (he knows better than to say different) the dishes are pretty basic but she does put a whole chicken including the bones in all of her chicken dishes which is pretty different for him. Most nights he eats with two other guys and they rotate out providing meals for each other. Dan definitely enjoys that he doesn't have to cook and still gets a pretty good meal.

On a different note, I am very excited that I get to make a pre-trip to see what Monrovia is like. I leave in the middle of October and stay a week. I have made some contact with The American International School in Monrovia and hope to get a job teaching while I am there. I am hoping to meet with the director while I am there for my week. Dan did send me some pics the apartment so I thought I would show them to y'all. All the floors are tile and all the walls are made out of cement. It will be very interesting hanging pictures on the walls.

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  1. Glad he sent pics --it sure does need that woman's touch! I love the toilet-- who ever heard of a square toilet?!