Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank You Liberian Armed Forces Day!!

Today has been a great day! It is Thursday and I got up and went to my golf lesson at 8:00 then came home took a shower and met Dan for lunch at Mamba Point Hotel where I had a GREAT Hawaiian pizza. After that I came back home I stated watching Mamma Mia and fell asleep. Why do you ask did I get to do all this on a work day???? Well today is a national holiday, it is Liberian Armed Forces Day and has been very nice. The school I teach at takes all Liberian Holidays but not the U.S. ones so I will be jealous on Monday when all of my friends in the U.S get Presidents Day off.

Since my last post we have had lots of happenings. On the Saturday of my last post we went to the Garden which is a really great Chinese food restaurant, and had dinner for Dan's birthday. We had a great time and after went to the casino. The next day we got up and drove 2 hours to Robertsport. Robertsport is a clean beach where several of the guys that Dan works with love to serf. We stayed pretty much the whole day just relaxing and having a good time with everyone.

One new development is that I have stated taking golf lessons. I have only had 3 but I think I am really going to like golf and my teacher thinks I am going to be pretty good. Dan says that is his job but I have already been asked by another player to play with her so I feel pretty proud of myself. Saturday I have my fourth lesson and really enjoy it so I am looking forward to it.

For those of you wanting a Tilley report she is adjusting well. I think she is even more spoiled here than in the States. She rides everyday to school with me and then her favorite driver Jones brings her home or takes her with him to where ever he has to go that day. She goes CRAZY when he pulls up in the yard and if she is outside when he leaves she tries to jump in the car with him. Aramedia the maid also spoils her during the day and the guards around the compound call her the princess of 10th Street. So have no fear she is doing well and is even more spoiled.

This past weekend we found a new fun hang out place. It is called Golden Beach and so wonderful. It is a restaurant about 8 blocks from our house. It has a regular restaurant and then tables right on the beach. You can sit, order food, walk down to the water, or buy some local trinkets from the vendors right on the beach. It is a very nice escape from the normal pace of Liberia.

My new job is going well. I am already planning a field trip the Coca Cola Bottling plant here and am very excited about it. My kids are great and I think are adjusting to me well. We work hard but also get some play time so it all works out. Tomorrow is our Valentines party and am very excited about all the fun we are going to have. We have made all kinds of Valentine projects and even made heart antennas for them to wear at the party.

Well Sunday is Valentines day and I have no idea what to get Dan. I got him a Tennis racket for his birthday but there are only so many sporting goods you can buy a person. So we will see what in the world I come up with.

My last little tid bit of news is that we have made Spring Break plans. Yesterday Dan bought our plane tickets to Rome Italy. We will stay 3 days in Florance and then 3 days in Rome. I am so excited and can't wait to go!