Tuesday, August 25, 2009

He Made it!

Well it is official! Dan has made it safely to Monrovia and started working today. I have decided that Skype is my new BFF because we get to actually see each other and talk all for FREE!!! Dan told me that poverty is very present and that the poorest people live pretty much right on the road so they don't have to go far to beg for money. The "middle class" live in cement block houses that have tin roofs which here would be top of the line, in Monrovia they are pieces of tin that are laid over the top of the house and not bolted down so when it rains it is probably VERY wet inside. It really makes you think about all the things that we complain about and makes me very grateful for everything I do have. Dan does have Internet at the hotel and a restaurant that serves "excellent pizza" according to him which is his favorite food so I guess I don't have to worry about him starving without my cooking. He should be moving into our apartment later this week which is good. I will update when I have more information. TTFN!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This is the beginning

This is the beginning of a journey that I have no idea how will play out which is not easy for me because I like to have an idea of how things may go and at this point I have NONE. My husband left today to start his new job in Monrovia Liberia which is in Africa. I will join him in January which is only four months away but to me seems like an eternity. I know this experience will be interesting, good or bad and I hope that y'all will follow it all through the up coming months. I know I am not perfect which means there WILL be some spelling and grammar errors (sorry
Cheryl) but it should be interesting.

Today hopefully should be the hardest. I dropped off Dan this morning at the Birmingham Airport and have talked to him a few times since but at the moment he is somewhere between JFK Airport and Ghana Africa which means I should be able to talk to him sometime tomorrow. The worst part about this whole process is the time we have to spend apart. I will have to go FOUR months with out Dan which is way not cool. After I dropped Dan off I did go to the Elley's and they let me and Tilley (the most spoiled dog in the world but don't blame me it is Dan's fault (; I promise.) hang out with them all day. I am going to get through the next four months but I am not going to like it. I hope I don't drive my friends and family too crazy but time will tell. Now all I can do is wait to hear from Dan and will relax when I know he has made it there safely.