Saturday, January 9, 2010

We Made it!

OK, so I know I have not written in a while but I have been pretty busy getting settled and I started my new job, but I will try to update once a week. We arrived on Friday very tired but were glad to see all of our compound mates hanging out and grilling dinner when we arrived. On Saturday Dan and I went to the school and worked on my classroom. Of course I brought cute stuff to decorate and make my room cute and so far it is looking pretty dang cute if I do say so myself. Sunday was spent putting clothes away and relaxing because not only did I have a little jet lag but a sinus infection on top of that so it was nice to just stay around the house. I will say my favorite thing about Sunday is breakfast. Allen, Dan, and Paul cook and it is pretty good for what we find. I did contribute this Sunday by making pigs in a blanket. They were pretty good considering the pigs came out of a can. I just fried them in butter (because butter always makes everything better) and Allen made homemade biscuit dough to wrap around them. We make due with what we have and so far it has been OK but I know we will have some interesting meals :). Monday kicked off my first day at school and I LOVE my kids. They are so great and I really haven't had many behavior problems which by teacher standards is pretty awesome. Every night after work I cook supper for Dan and my 2 other husbands (Allen and Paul) and then we lounge for a little while and go to bed so I don't get much done during the week and most has to be done on Saturday. So today Tiffany and I went to the grocery store and then met the boys for lunch at Mamba Point Hotel which has really really good pizza. I had the Hawaiian which was really good. Sarah, Troy's wife joined us for lunch and we then went to the outdoor market called Waterside Market to get Sarah's presents for tonight's dirty Santa party. I think it is going to be really fun because we have a $10.00 limit and the items HAVE to be purchased here so there is no telling what we will have. I have found a hand made basket and a shelf that hangs on the wall that was hand made out of bamboo. There is no telling what the others will bring but I know a good time will be had by all. I am excited also because one of my new co-workers is coming tonight to join us and it will be fun to include her and get to know her better. I know it is really cold in Alabama and I guess pretty much everywhere in Te U.S. but let me tell you it is HOT here. You sweat a lot and they say I will get use to the heat because it is always hot here but I do have my doubts, I guess we will see. I will give a Tilley update, she is adjusting pretty well and LOVES our driver Jones. He takes here with him when ever he can. Last night when we got into bed we could smell his aftershave on her. I told Dan it smelt like Jones was in bed with us and we both laughed. She is also making friends with the 2 other dogs that Rick and Tiffany have named Milo and Arby. She struts around and even though they are bigger she still bosses them around. Well I better get going and wrap my presents for tonight. Hope all is well with everyone.

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